The association between dogs and globalization are more common than one might think. It can be difficult to draw correlations between globalization and the effects it has on the realm of dogs and dog ownership but there are instances where the effects are evident.

One thing that has changed a lot with the globalization of dogs is them being accepted into other countries. Back in day no animals were allowed to be to be brought in from other countries. Now, that has all changed. With people around the world moving to the United States for business it has changed the rules that use to prohibit dogs coming into America. Now, with a few simple forms and a few shots for the dog coming into our country you get a dog from anywhere in the world.

Another thing that changed in the globalization of dogs is that more people want purebred dogs for showing in dog shows. Many people who have these purebred dogs have more than five purebreds that they will show for the hopes of their dog becoming a champion and breeding with another champion so that they can get more money out of the puppies. They are also breeding to get a certain physical characteristics in their dogs that are what the shows considered standard for that breed.







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