Discussion on how we will be using Critical Thinking in the Research Project

James Lett in A Field Guide to Critical Thinking identifies a method of critical thinking called ”FiLCHeRS”. This stands for Falsifiability, Logic, Comprehensiveness, Honesty, Replicability, and Sufficiency. These all represent rules that would be used to test the data we collect as a part of our research project. As James Lett explains if the information fails any of these tests there is a chance that it is not truthful or maybe inaccurate.

We will have to think about every argument that we encounter and try to determine if there might be a way to prove the argument wrong. Additionally will need to weigh the available evidence and determine if the argument is making use of all available evidence. Probably the hardest thing to do will to be honest with ourselves about the data. Sometimes you can find research that is exactly what you are looking for but is actually poorly conducted or structured. It can be very difficult not to turn a blind eye when the arguments you want to make are supported even though in reality using inaccurate data will just degrade the work we are trying to perform. The only rule of Mr. Letts that we might not be able to utilize would be Replicability since it would be difficult for us to duplicate the research that will be contributing to our project. I think to meet this rule what we would need to do is look for someone else who may have performed similar research on the topic and come to the same conclusions. For sufficiency the references we are using will have to meet the burden of proof with the evidence they present. We must avoid articles that are simply someones opinion or witness/testimony.




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