Ethnographic Notes C – Sustainability on a Campus Erik & Michele & Emilee

Sustainability is an ideology concerning several different things. The first is controlling an individual’s consumption of resources so that no more is consumed than will naturally be replaced by the environment. Second is the idea of limiting or providing a way to offset pollutants produced by an individual’s behaviors. Third is reducing, reusing, or recycling the left overs from an individual’s food, purchases, and everyday activities.

On the Bellevue College campus sustainability takes many forms. Pictured above is one of the new water bottle faucets which will encourage the use of personal water bottles instead of the disposable ones from vending machines. Other forms of sustainability at Bellevue College include compost bins and recycling bins and compostable cups, plates, and other disposable products in the cafeteria.

Recycling at Bellevue College is easy. It starts with the products that we buy. A lot of paper that is bought today is made of mostly recycled material.


That means that most of our paper isn’t from new trees that were cut down it is from paper that is already been recycled. When we are done with that piece of paper we put it into a recycling bin for paper that will then be recycled again into new paper. The cycle continues. It is a great way to save trees and the environment.


Bicycle repair station

Bellevue college has implemented their very own repair station for bicycles on campus. The station is located behind the bus shelter and includes a stand and tools for those in need of repairs. This encourages and supports students who ride their bike to campus. Bicycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while getting in shape and saving money all at once.


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