The inconvenient truth about Thanksgiving’s origins

Thanksgiving has evolved to symbolize a time for appreciating one’s family and friends by gathering together and feasting on an abundance of dishes. The holiday can also serve as a commemoration of the sacrifice that it will be forever tied to.


Although you won’t find it in school children’s textbooks, Thanksgiving was founded on the proclamation of the Governer of the Massechusetts Bay Colony in 1637. Thanksgiving was proclaimed to celebrate the massacre of 700 Pequot Indians.  Anthropologist William B. Newell explans that the massacre was carried out by mercenaries and Dutch and English on “700 men, women and children who were celebrating their annual green corn dance-Thanksgiving Day to them-in their own house,”. Newell describes his information as accurate based on the documented resources he has retained his research from.

In the famous “A people’s History of the United States”, Howard Zinn goes in to detail about the way that Columbus capitalized on the Arawak’s giving and trusting nature once he arrived at the Bahamas islands. Millions of Native Americans were slaughtered by English settlers who were after the Arawak’s gold and slave labor.

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