Meet the Natives USA by Michele Curtis

Meet The Natives Season 2 Ep3  IBMS# 028683

I watched episode Peoria  Illinois. and I couldn’t stop watching. They called these people Middle Americans. They were from Peoria, Illinois. The Natives were very happy to learn about a lot of things. They got to learn about Thanksgiving, parades, Christmas, gardening, special educations, psychical education, Football, Basketball and pollution.

They were interested in why they were cooking a Turkey in a plastic bag. They didn’t think that it was healthy. And the Chief seemed very concerned about this. They didn’t seem to understand why men were watching Football and they women were cooking dinner. They also took part in the Thanksgiving traditions of saying prayers and telling people what they were thankful for.

They were wondering why we had green grass and it wasn’t used for planting food. They thought it was a waste of space.

They also said a prayer to American’s to stop the factories, because they thought this is why their food wasn’t growing as much. They wanted a happy world and asked us to stop the chemicals.

They were excited about going to the parade and watching it even though it was freezing cold to them. They really thought they could find the man from the war because of the soldiers that were in the parade.

They were very happy to go to the classroom and meet and participate in the education of kids.

When they were watching the football game they thought it was a death sport. And when they were watching basketball they thought the people just like putting the ball in the hoop. That people really loved the basketball as much as the guy who brought them. They loved to watch what the audience members were doing.

The best part is when they were at the pet store. They were very happy that she was trying to educate people on Greyhound dogs, but seemed very confused on why people would want rats as pets because they are pest where they are. They also didn’t like that people liked snake as pets. But what really got them was the dog outfits. They thought it was very funny that people dressed up their pets.


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